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Find your core idea, structure your writing around it, and never get lost in your manuscript again.


Note: Applications for the Winter/Spring 2020 cohort of Build Your Story-Argument open in Fall 2019. Sign up below to get notified.

Do you ever feel like you’re writing in circles, unsure of how to structure your material or measure whether you’re making any progress?

Can you churn out words but then dread having to go back and revise them?

Do you wish you had a reliable framework for grappling with those tough intellectual questions that come up in your work, the kind no one else can answer for you?

Questions like…

  • “What really needs to be said about my subject?”

  • “Is my claim novel enough to be interesting? Or so novel that people won’t buy it?”

  • “In what order is this information going to make the most sense to the reader?”

  • “Should I ignore this peer reviewer’s critique? Or are they onto something I can’t see?”

  • “Which of these threads is my argument’s through-line?”

  • “How do I connect my work to previous scholarship while still saying something new?”

Or maybe you just dream of finding more joy in your work, more of the time.

Whatever fears and hopes you’re carrying right now with your writing, that’s valuable data. Clues about what you need to move forward.

The Build Your Story-Argument program is where you’ll learn how to navigate the writing process with a sense of direction, even when you don’t know where you’re going.

Because for most of us, that’s most of the time. :)

In this 10-week program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Envision the knowledge-building process as a whole, no matter where you are within it at any given moment

  • Move gracefully back-and-forth between working on your project’s overall structure and individual sections

  • Discern what argument to make and what story to tell with your data

  • Assess what to include in your manuscript and what to cut, and how to frame your material

  • Unify your whole manuscript under a single controlling idea

  • Get yourself moving again whenever you feel stuck, lost, or discouraged

To ensure a transformational experience for everyone who enrolls, the Build Your Story-Argument program is application-only.

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Looking forward!

Margy Thomas, Ph.D.

Founder of ScholarShape